How I rate and review restaurants

One of my pet peeves is seeing people rating dishes 10/10 without any context apart from frivolous comments such as “yummy”. The most egregious example I recently encountered was someone giving Tetsuya’s iconic Ocean Trout Confit a low rating because they thought it would be salmon, my God.

When I rate and review a restaurant I look at 5 different categories with a total score out of 20.

Food – 10 points

Food is the most important factor of my review, it needs to be delicious and best in class.

Questions I ask myself about the food:

  • How is the food plated?
  • What kind of produce did the chef use?
  • Was I full after the meal?

Hospitality – 4 points

I’m assessing the service I received across their attitude, professionalism, and proactiveness.

Questions I ask myself about the hospitality:

  • How was I greeted upon arrival?
  • Were my drinks topped up?
  • How quickly were my plates cleared?

Atmosphere – 3 points

For atmosphere, I’m looking at the vibe of the restaurant, think noise levels, table setting, and decor.

Questions I ask myself about the atmosphere:

  • What is the quality of the crockery, cutlery, and glassware?
  • How are the tables spaced?
  • Is there a view?

Value for money – 1 points

For the category, the restaurant sits in, was the meal worth the price I paid for?

Wow factor – 2 points

Did I have an incredible culinary experience or did I just have a meal?

Is there something special that makes me message my friends afterwards?