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Sometimes you plan to write a blog post but things happen and you keep putting it off. By then you’ve forgotten what the dishes were called, how they tasted, the level of service and the amount of damage you wallet sustained. This is when you resort to just uploading photos and writing about what vague details you remember. In this case what I do remember is that L and I had lunch at the acclaimed Cumulus Inc. We actually had planned for breakfast but due to our bad timing we had to default to lunch. The dishes as you can see were beautifully presented and well cooked. 

Blackmore’s Wagyu Beef Bresola $21

Will I Return?

Yes. I really want to try their breakfast next time I’m in Melbourne.

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    Amy zhong
    November 16, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    ive heard good things about this place, must check it out next time im in melb.

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