The Best Chilli Crab in Singapore at Jumbo Seafood Riverside Point

2 years ago, when I was planning my trip to Singapore, I asked my Singaporean friends for the best Chilli Crab restaurant. The consensus was Jumbo Seafood, a popular chain with several outlets in Singapore and China. I headed to the Riverside Point branch for dinner.


My goodness the chilli crab is incredible. The succulent, juicy crab meat is coated in an addictive sauce, make sure you order the fried mantou so you can mop up every drop of the sticky sweet goodness. Apart from the crab, there’s an array of seafood on offer such as scallops, lobster and fish.


Typical of a Chinese restaurant, service is no frills and at times slow due to the constant flow of customers. Make sure you wave your hand in the air to get the attention of the waiters. Knowing that diners will make a mess, Jumbo Seafood provides a bib, moist towelette and a finger bowl (the bowl of water you dip your hands in to clean them, usually there’s a slice of lemon in it).


The restaurant does get quite noisy due to it’s popularity. If you’re lucky enough to snag the outdoor seating, you’ll be treated to view of Clarke Quay. The decor and cutlery are similar to what one finds in a modern Chinese restaurant.


Jumbo Seafood will leave you messy but oh so satisified, take a stroll along Clarke Quay after your massive meal.

Jumbo Seafood
30 Merchant Road #01-01/02
Riverside Point

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