Bona Fides Cafe Restaurant – Sydney CBD

I’ve passed Bona Fides quite a few times on my daily commute and finally decided to have brunch on a lazy Saturday. Walking in, I found the place fairly empty as most of the customers opted to enjoy their meals in the outside seating. 
Cappuccino $4.20

After a quick look of the menu, I ordered a cappuccino and Eggs Benedict on Ciabatta with salmon. I’ve always used eggs Benedict as a test dish for any cafe, especially at brunch. When my meal came, I noticed it seemed a bit sparse, the three curled up slivers of salmon and the quarter of a tomato seemed very lacking for a dish of above $15.  

Eggs Benedict on ciabatta $16.90

I sliced the eggs, expecting the yolk to ooze out but it didn’t, the eggs were on the firmer side. The salmon did not taste fresh and untangling them from their curled position took some effort. The tomato and rocket couldn’t salvage this meal for me.

But this magazine featuring Andrew Lark, the former CMO of CBA, did catch my eye. After finishing my brunch and cup of coffee, I paid and left.
Will I return?

No. A cafe that lists Eggs Benedict on their menu should be able to execute a proper dish.

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