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Neil Perry’s Burger Project has gone through some ups and downs since it opened last year. There’s been mixed reviews and a subsequent change to the menu to address some issues raised by diners. I decided to wait for the hype and crowds to die down before trying their burgers. 

The restaurant has a very sleek, minimalistic decor. Ordering is simple and a buzzer system is in place so you’re not left standing while waiting for your meal. The menu is divided into burgers, chicken, chips, drinks and desserts. I went with the Classic Burger ($8.90) which has the signature grass fed beef, onions, pickles, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce. To complete my meal, I ordered a small side of Chipotle Chilli Chips ($2.90) and the Homemade Iced Tea ($3.50).
House Made Ice Tea $3.50 & Small Chips $2.90

The beef patty was cooked perfectly and the hero of the dish. Unfortunately there was very little tomato and lettuce. For a $9 burger, you expect there to be a decent amount of ingredients and not the single slice of tomato I received. The ice tea was refreshing, while the chips were crispy and seasoned nicely with the chipotle chilli.

Classic $8.90

Just as I was finishing up my meal, Neil Perry himself walks into the Burger Project. He was suited up and headed into the kitchen with one of the chefs.

Will I Return?
No. There’s simply too many better choices for burgers in Sydney right now.
Do you give restaurants second chances? Let me know in the comments below!

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