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When Chef’s Gallery first opened in 2010, there was a constant line of guests waiting outside to sample mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. Seven years later, I’ve been invited back to see if it is still a crowd puller.


One of the hardest parts of dining at Chef’s Gallery is browsing through the gorgeous menu and deciding what to order. After thumbing through every page of the menu, my guest and I decide to pick two entrées, a noodle main and dessert.

The first dish out of the kitchen is the Macanese Mini Burgers. Bite sized buns are filled with a pork fillet, pork floss, lettuce and a sweet chilli mayo dressing. It’s a perfect entrée that really whets the appetite.

Macanese mini burger

Macanese mini burger

We follow up with a more traditional entree – San Choy Bow. There’s four crisp lettuce cups, a generous mound of roast duck and a handful of julienned cucumbers. My favourite part of this dish is being able to choose how much roast duck I can scoop into the lettuce cups. Just make sure you are not too greedy or else your delicious parcels will fall apart!

Roast duck san choy bow

Roast duck san choy bow

Ordering a noodle dish is a must at Chef’s Gallery as the noodles are made à la minute and hand pulled by chefs. After browsing through all 18 noodle dishes, I decided to go with Zha Jiang noodles. The wheat flour noodles are paired with zucchini noodles and smothered with a pork belly sauce. The springy hand-made noodles provides a nice contrast to the crunchy zucchini noodles and shredded purple cabbage.

Zha Jiang Noodles

Zha Jiang Noodles

For a sweet finish I had to go with the adorable Piggy and Eggy Fairyland – it’s a smorgasbord of egg custard buns, black sesame buns, fairy floss, pocky sticks, rock candy and two scoops of ice cream.

Eggy and Piggy Fairyland

Eggy and Piggy Fairyland


Apart from the usual teas and Chinese drinks, such as soya milk and prune juice, Chef’s Gallery also carries a few red and white wine predominately from Australia. Beer drinkers are also catered to with 5 different asian beers as well as crisp ciders like Monteiths.


Like most Chinese establishments, service is lightning quick and efficient but still friendly and cordial.


Smack bang in the middle of the restaurant, sits a glass encased open kitchen, where the chefs perform the theatrical art of noodle pulling. The contemporary decor mixed with Chinese motifs and decorations creates a modern environment that’s suitable for gatherings, casual dates and family dinners.

Interior of Chef's Gallery Town Hall

Interior of Chef’s Gallery Town Hall


Time after time, Chef’s Gallery has delivered on flavourful traditional dishes with modern touches. So it’s no suprise that there’s now a total of 5 Chef’s Gallery restuarants across NSW.

This review was based on a complimentary paid meal.

Chef’s Gallery
Shop 12, 501 George Street
NSW 2000

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