Cloudy Bay Fish Co – Westfield Sydney

So I had found myself wandering the food court of Westfield Sydney after some Christmas shopping. I stumbled upon Cloudy Bay Fish Co, tucked away in a corner. After perusing the menu I decided on the tasting plate, which promised an array of seafood with a salad to complete. 
When I received my meal, I was disappointed. 
The first thing I noticed was the portions, man were they small. For $19.50 you’d expect a little bit more than just 3 prawns, 3 parcels of fish, half a bread roll and some salad. Yes, I understand you pay for the quality of the food not just the quantity. The tasting plate didn’t deliver on either for me. The prawns were average while the fish had similar taste and texture. 

Will I return?
No, especially with so many other attractive options at the Westfield Sydney food court.

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