Dera Uma – Sydney CBD

Last week, I was invited by Washoku Lovers to try a special set menu at Dera Uma. Being a fan of Japanese food, I obviously accepted!

Dera Uma is a casual Japanese eatery located opposite Oiden and Mappen. Its focus is on convenient takeaway meals, which explains why all the dishes are served in plastic containers! The open kitchen lets diners see the their meal being freshly prepared.  
Ordering is a simple affair. You’re given a buzzer and you collect your order when it’s done.   
The Washoku Lovers Selection Set includes the Toji Chicken Katsu Bowl, mini salad, miso soup and an original drink. 
The Toji Chicken Katsu Bowl consists of a generous bowl of rice heaped with a chicken katsu that’s topped with scramble eggs. The crunchy and eggy combination works really well. The miso and salad are fairly standard, however the home made green tea is excellent.  
Will I Return?
Yeap. Cheap and yummy Japanese is right up my alley.
Have you heard of the Japanese phrase Washoku before? Let me know in the comments below! 
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