Din Tai Fung – Sydney

Din Tai Fung needs no introduction, it is probably the most famous dumpling restaurant in the world. My dinner at the World Square branch certainly lived up to the restaurant’s reputation. The Xiao Long Bao was intricately crafted as usual. The delicious soup and meat filing was wrapped by a thin layer of dumpling skin.
Dumpling Gems $15.80 

While flipping through the menu, a new item caught my eye. Dumpling gems! That’s right 7 multi coloured dumpling each one uniquely flavoured. In an anti-clockwise direction the flavours of the gems were:

Emerald: Salad Green

Onyx: BBQ Pork

Citrine: Cheese

Ruby: Bolognese

Pink Diamond: Seafood

Topaz: Corn

Sapphire: Garlic Pork

Each flavour stayed true to its name. Now whether the dumpling gems are good or bad is really up to one’s taste. Personally I like the adventure of trying a dish that is unique and different, so the dumpling gems get a thumbs up from me!   

Pork Chop Noodles $14.80

The pork chop noodle consists of hand made noodles and Din Tai Fung’s signature pork chop. The noodles were cooked well, the soup balanced and the pork chop was crispy.

Will I Return?
Yes, the next time I have a dumpling craving Din Tai Fung will be where I’ll be heading.

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