Gowings Bar & Grill – Sydney CBD

Gowings Bar & Grill is hidden away in the quirky QT hotel on Market Street. The menu is huge, covering red meat, seafood, poultry, salads, sweets and much more. With such a varied menu, it was a very hard decision to decide on my meal, but eventually I chose the Roast Gruyere Crumble Beef Fillet and Paris Mash. My dining partner, L, opted for the Clam Chowder and the Hand Picked Spanner Crab Salad. 

After we ordered, complimentary bread and butter was served. The bread was soft inside and crunchy outside. The butter was incredibly smooth and soft, according to the little sticker it was handcrafted by Pepe Saya. I don’t know who Pepe Saya is but he can churn my butter any day.  

Clam Chowder $18

For me, the clam chowder was a bit too grainy but for L it was better than the clam chowder she had in Boston! What we can both agree on is that the soup was very generous in terms of ingredients, swimming in the chowder was an abundance of clam and smoked speck.

Hand Picked Spanner Crab Salad $35

The Hand Picked Spanner Crab Salad was simple yet refreshing. A perfect option for a diner looking for a light alternative.

Roast Gruyere Crumble Beef Fillet $40

The Roast Gruyere Crumble Beef Fillet was delicious! The tender and juicy fillet was balanced by an assortment of vegetables. The gruyere crumble added an interesting layer of texture and flavour.
Paris Mash $10

Now we come to the Paris Mash. This is the best mash of any kind I’ve had ever. The smoothness and softness was off the charts, it was like eating air!

Will I Return?
Yes. Amazing service, modern decor and great food. 

Do you prefer seafood or red meat? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Reply
    November 3, 2014 at 11:02 am

    ooh that beef fillet looks amazing!

  • Reply
    Chris (The Eatology)
    November 15, 2014 at 2:42 am

    It tasted amazing as well! I've never had Gruyere crusted meat before

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