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Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku review – Sydney

Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku review – Sydney

Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku is serving up a premium all you can eat buffet featuring high quality wagyu, sashimi and sushi.


The BBQ buffet menu is available Monday to Sunday and costs $84 per person (as of this review). The menu is quite extensive and features:

  • 12 kinds of wagyu cuts
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Sashimi
  • Sushi
  • Salad
  • Vegetables
  • Bites/snacks
  • Side dishes
  • Rice
  • Noodle
  • Soup
  • Dessert

The expansive menu sits on an iPad, which allows diners to swipe through and order with ease. Do note that there is a 2 hour limit, which is quite adequate.

Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku menu
Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku menu

In order to maximize your ordering time, I’d recommend you start your meal by selecting sashimi along with the raw meats. That way you have something to eat while you start grilling your meat!

Another tip would be to avoid ordering dishes that will fill you up such as rice and noodles.

Beef tongue

Between myself and 2 friends, we managed to try all 12 cuts of wagyu on the menu. Each piece of beef was beautifully marbled resulting in an intense umami taste that left you wanting more.

Wagyu meat

Other stand out orders were the pork belly, duck and buttered corn.

The scallops with butter came in their shell and took some time to cook but were worth the wait.

Scallops and wagyu meat

The only sushi dish we ordered was the wagyu beef hand roll which was filled with raw wagyu beef and made for a nice starter.

Wagyu Beef Hand Roll
Wagyu Beef Hand Roll

I’d highly recommend ordering all of the sashimi as every piece we had was fresh, delicious and skillfully prepared.

Sashimi (kingfish, scallop, tuna)
Buttered Corn

To finish off the meaty meal, I went with the green tea and sesame ice cream – which was surprisingly good. I had expected some generic ice cream but this was richly flavoured with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Matcha and sesame ice cream


Water and sparkling water is provided free of charge, you can order soft drinks and alcohol for an additional cost.

Additionally, for $10 per person, you can purchase the drinks buffet. This includes soft drinks, tea, mocktails and 3 additional desserts.

Kobe Wagyu Drinks Menu


The smart use of the iPad menu meant very efficient service. Most of our raw meat orders arrived roughly 5 minutes after they were placed. Dishes that require preparation such as sushi or sashimi slightly longer but still quick all things considered.

For dessert, you were given the option of ordering it to arrive in 20 minutes as opposed to straight away.

As the 2 hour limit was nearing, a server came by to notify us and ensure we placed any last orders.

Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku ordering device


Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku has been designed to provide a premium dining experience. Thanks to the in built exhaust fans, you won’t leave the restaurant smelling like smoke. While, the plush booth seating lets you relax after stuffing yourself with all that wagyu.

Copper accents and cherry blossom decals add a touch of colour to the restaurant.

Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku restaurant


Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku is my favourite all you can eat yakiniku in Sydney. The high quality menu and speedy service makes this a moo-st try.

This review was based on an independently paid meal.

Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku restaurant

Kobe Wagyu Yakiniku
Level 1/605-609 George St

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