The Palace Tea Room – Sydney CBD

The Palace Tea Room is a charming and elegant restaurant perched on level 1 of the Queen Victoria Building. Their menu carries breakfast, lunch and dessert. Their drinks menu has an extensive range of teas ranging from your traditional English Breakfast to the more unusual Pomegranate Oolong. As for their decor; it’s elegant and colourful.

As a tea lover, it took me a while before finally deciding on a pot of Paris Vanilla. Boy, did I chose right! The base of the tea consists of a unique blend of black teas, which is layered with notes of vanilla, lemon and caramel. Each sip I took was accompanied by the sweet aroma of the vanilla waffling into my nose. 

Paris Vanilla Tea 
Eggs Benedict with Salmon

The Eggs Benedict were cooked nicely, the yolk was running and the salmon was fresh. The hollandaise was spot on, while the sourdough was standard.

Spanish Omelette

My friend L ordered the Spanish Omelette and from the bite I had, it was an average omelette with chorizo scattered through out. 

Will I Return?
Yes. Their range of 29 different teas definitely appeals to the tea lover in me! 

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