The Paramount Coffee Project – Surry Hills

Crab Po Boy $18

I finally made it to The Paramount Coffee Project, the much talked about cafe serving up small batch coffees and an American influenced menu. After a short stroll from Central station, K and I headed into the cafe, the layout is very open and modern, it reminded me of Manchester Press in Melbourne.


The menu carries a nice range of mains, sides and drinks. After having seen several Instagram and Facebook posts of the Crab Po Boy, I was set on the delicious burger. However choosing my coffee took a longer time, due to the unique espressos and filters, I eventually settled on the Kapsokisio by Tim Wendelboe sourced from Mt Elgon, Kenya. I honestly had no idea what that meant but I’m always up for something new. 

K chose the Open Cuban and a Malt milkshake, which seemed to be a safer option, but nothing is ordinary at the Paramount Coffee Project. The Open Cuban featured pork, kimchi, swiss cheese, onion rings and kewpie mayo. Talk about an eclectic combination. 

Kapsokisio $7

When my coffee arrived, I was pleasantly suprised, it came it a small ceramic container and cup. After my first sip, I was confused, it tasted like coffee but very different. I could only describe it as interesting. K tried some and said it “tasted like American coffee”, if you’ve been to America you would know their coffee is watered down and not so great. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, next time I’ll stick to a normal coffee haha.

The Crab Po Boy was amazing, the soft shell crab was crunchy, the milk bun really soft.

Malt Milkshake $8

The Malt Milkshake was smooth, creamy and not too sweet.

Open Cuban $19

The Open Cuban managed to combine a very diverse range of ingredients into an interesting dish, the only minor setback was that the pork was tough.

The service was impeccable, our waitress was very attentive, something that’s not common for cafes in Sydney.

Will I return?
Yes, definitely. Delicious food, interesting drinks and great service.

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    Miss Eliza WonDerland
    March 26, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Wow, the food looks great. D'you think the portion sizes are reasonable or maybe on the small side?
    I went to the DevonCafe recently in Surry Hills. It's healthy and yum. So if you haven't been you might like to give it a try =)


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

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