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Three Williams has been the talk of the town for both its narnies and its recent waiter debacle. So I decided to check out the cafe on my birthday for their lunch service. The menu contains your breakfast staples like french toast and muesli but it’s all about the narnies. So I settled on the glazed beef brisket option because who who doesn’t like beef brisket. My dining partner L went for the spicy smashed beans with avocado on toast. As for drinks, I ordered an iced latte and it was tiny. Like a few sips and it’s gone tiny.    

Iced Latte

Glazed beef brisket narnie 

The glazed beef brisket narnie is a tasty pocket of beef, slaw and gherkins. But it wasn’t the mind blowing deliciousness described by many bloggers. Also, the serving size was fairly small especially for the price tag of $15.   

Spicy smashed beans with avocado on toast

L wasn’t very satisfied with her beans or the avocado or the toast.

So it makes me wonder, did all the hype set my expectations too high. 

Will I Return?
Probably not. There’s so many cafes in Sydney that I would pick before Three Williams.

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