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10 Products I Never Travel Without

Travel flatlay

I’m a firm believer in travelling light but there’s a few items that I need to have. Here’s my 10 products I never travel without:


Good headphones are a must for long flights. I personally use the Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style and they work a treat.

2. Notebook

Chew Your Chow branded notebook + Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

Chew Your Chow branded notebook + Mont Blanc Fountain Pen

As much as I love my tech and gadgets, I still bring a notebook with me when I’m on my travels. There’s something really cathartic about writing about my trips in pen. I actually have my own branded notebooks thanks to Be Promotive , I love how the blue Chew Your Chow logo pops out from the black cover!

3. iPhone

Like most people in the world, I’m in a codependent relationship with my phone and obviously need to carry it when I’m travelling. I currently have the iPhone 6s Plus and it’s been great at taking photos and keeping me connected to the digital world!

4. Portable charger

Having your phone battery die while you are out exploring can be really annoying (I mean how will people know what you had for lunch now). I always make sure that my portable charger is fully charged before my flight, that way when I land my phone battery is usually at full capacity!

5. MacBook Air

Back in the good old days, laptops were huge and I would have never thought of lugging one around while travelling. But nowadays, I carry my MacBook Air in my backpack. As handy as my phone is, some tasks are just easier on a laptop.

6. DSLR Camera

Although I love the camera on my iPhone, I still bring along my Canon EOS 60D with the 18-55mm lens for when I need to photograph landscapes, food and in low light. I’ve taken my 60D around the world and it has survived both freezing winters and humid summers.

7. Comfortable shoes

Travelling for me usually ends up in doing a lot of walking. Because of this I always make sure I have comfortable shoes, my favourite pair right now is the Adidas ZX Flux, these bad boys are super light and feels like you’re walking on air!

8. Water bottle

I received my Camelbak eddy water bottle as a gift from some awesome work colleagues and I’ve been carrying it with me around the world ever since. Having a water bottle can come in really handy when you are out all day, just make sure to empty before you go through security at airports!

9. Watch

Swatch Dark Rebel Watch

Swatch Dark Rebel Watch

Normally, I wear an Apple Watch but if I’m overseas I’ll switch over to my trusty Swatch Dark Rebel. I love how lightweight but durable it is, it’s even waterproof to 3 meters!

10. Universal travel adapter

Instead of carrying several travel adapters, I have a universal one that’s super compact but can transform into 5 different plugs. The specific brand of the one I have is Yazawa and I purchased it in Japan from BIC Camera.

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