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Japan Day 2 – Tokyo

Day 2 started with a can of hot coffee and a salmon onigiri from Family Mart! After our quick breakfast, T and I headed to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Why you might be wondering? Because it has some spectacular views that are free to visitors! The 243 meter tall building has 2 observatories that offer a panoramic view of Tokyo.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Chow Tips: The two towers are open on alternating days, so if you find one closed head to the other!


After we took in the views, we headed off to find the 100 year old tempura restaurant, where we would be having lunch at. Since we arrived too early, T and I went browsing in the nearby BIC Camera store.




Check out my full review of Funabashiya Honten here!
The next stop of the day was Harajuku, a trendy shopping and fashion area. We popped into different stores as we meandered towards the Takeshita Street, the pedestrian only shopping street.





Apart from fashion and cosplay, Harjuku is also famous for its crepes. So naturally, we lined up and got our crepe on! Here’s my full review of the custard crepe I got from Marion Crepes!


After visiting Harajuku we ventured to Akihabara, the mecca for otaku and gamers. Our first stop was the massive Yodobashi Camera. Don’t be fooled by its name, Yodobashi Cameras sells more than just cameras. In fact, it sells TVs, white goods, electronics, bikes, toys, luxury brands and even Rolex watches!





Chow Tips: Beware of maid cafes! T and I knew maid cafes were often tourist traps so we didn’t go but our friends who did went said they wasted a lot of Yen!



Dinner for day 2 was once again ramen! This time we lined up for the famous Rokurinsha, full review of my delicious Rokurinsha tsukemen here.


Roppongi Hills

After our dinner, we wandered around Roppongi Hills and came across a pop up whisky bar! What better way to end the day than with good alcohol and stunning night views of Tokyo.

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