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Salon de The de Joel Robuchon – Taipei

Sometimes I impulse eat. A few years ago when I was in Taiwan, I impulsively walked into Salon de The de Joel Robuchon. Yes, that Joel Robuchon. I looked at the extensive menu and decided to have a high tea for two for myself. That’s right, I devoured everything you see in the above photo by myself. It was so indulgent and so delicious. The high tea menu lets you pick your own sandwich, two pastries and two macarons. 
I opted for a ham, gruyere cheese and mustard sandwich, which was fairly normal. 

For my first pastry I went with a French classic – Mille Feuille. Also known as the Napleon, it consists of two layers of pastry cream sandwiched by three layers of puff pastry. Boy, was this Mille Feuille good, the pastry layers where crisp, the pastry cream sweet but not over the top and the chocolate dusting provided some richness.
I was in awe when I saw this little red ruby of a dessert. Le Rubis is a stunning chocolate cake with a passionfruit and banana filling, coated in a berry flavour chocolate mousse, topped off with decorative gold and slivers of pistachio. It tasted as it good as it looks!

I ended my meal with two macarons, vanilla and chocolate. Delicate shells with smooth filling. 
Look at that foam. How perfect the circle is. Seriously, how did they do that. The coffee was well made and full of flavour.

After my meal, I was served a pot of Earl Grey French Blue. The first thing you notice about the tea is the citrusy notes. This is followed by the familiar Earl Grey flavour and the sweet scent of cornflowers. 
Will I Return?
Yes. But probably with a friend next time haha.
Have you ever impulse eaten?Let me know in the comments below!

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