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As someone who frequently shops and eats in Eastwood, I’ve passed Crazy Wings quite a few times, one day I decided to head in for lunch with my dad. The moment we stepped in I had a ominous feeling, the waitress had a very annoyed tone when she brought us to our seats. After being confused by the menu, we asked the same waitress if she could explain the “Crazy Wok Set” to us. Once again, she replied in an annoyed voice paired with an impatient look on her face. I’m used to poor service in Chinese restaurants but this was a bit over the top. 

The Crazy Wok Set consists of 2 skewers, a jar of plum juice and a wok meal. The wok meal requires you to choose a minimum of 6 ingredients to be tossed together and served to you. The 6 ingredients are separately priced, so don’t be fooled by the $9.8 price tag!

The lamb skewers were the first to come out of the kitchen, the portion is decently sized with a total of 5 skewers. However the meat was dry and rather tough. The chicken wings were slightly better. Halfway through our meal, we were asked by the waitress to relocate from our booth to a smaller table in the middle of the restaurant. When we moved to the new spot, the staff didn’t move our utensils or dishes, so I had to awkwardly carry our meals, chopsticks, spoons and cups, weaving between the tables.

Chicken Wings

Lamb Skewers

After another wait, our wok arrived. I was confused. So was my dad, so much so he asked the waitress to make sure it was what we had ordered. Our meal sat in a metal wok, a weird combination of ingredients shoved together and doused in a sauce. I took one bite and there was only one word that came to mind. SALT. It was the saltiest dish I’ve ever tasted, there was no flavour or taste. Just salt. I struggled another few bites then gave up. After a few bites my dad told me that I had to write a review so no one else wastes money on this restaurant.

Crazy wok 

Will I Return? 
Hell no.

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