Devon Cafe – Surry Hills

The last time I visited Devon Cafe was over a year ago, I remember having delicious food and great coffee. A year later, the staff at Devon are still keeping up the good work. On this visit, I was meeting up with my friend, BS, for a quick catch up over lunch. 

As usual, I went with the cold drip (Market Price) for my drink while BS picked the mocha ($4). As for the food, I opted for Breakfast with the Sakuma’s ($24.50) and BS chose the Eggs Blini ($19.50).

The Eggs Blini ($19.50) starts with a buckwheat blini as the base. Next we have several slices of cured king salmon, a poached egg and a few pieces asparagus. Finally the Maltaise sauce covers the entire stack.

I don’t know who the Sakuma’s are but I would love to have breakfast with them everyday! Breakfast with the Sakuma’s ($24.50) features a generous slab of miso grilled king salmon, a smoked eel croquette, one 63′ egg, a refreshing radish petit salad and three dollops of kewpie mayonnaise. 
Will I Return?
Yes! I can always rely on Devon for good food and coffee.
QOTD: Have you been to Devon Cafe? How was it? Let me know in the comments below!

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