La Paula – Fairfield

La Paula is a little Chilean cafe tucked away in a discrete location in Fairfield. From the outside you would never be able to guess the vibrant and bustling eatery. The moment I stepped in, I knew I would be enjoying authentic Chilean food. 

How? 1) There were customers conversing with staff in Chilean. 2) There was Chilean cable TV. 
I know you are probably wondering what on earth is Chilean food, well at La Paula, its all about the empanadas!

The Empanada de Pino is a delicious parcel of baked beef, egg, olives and onions. It was eggcellent, yes I just used a food pun and will continue doing so. In fact The Eatology will now try to combine humour and food reviews with a sprinkle of lame jokes.

The Completos ‘completed’ my meal. The highlight of the hotdog was the …mayo. That’s right this unassuming white paste was amazing, I was licking it off the hotdog. If I could just buy this mayo, I would and I’d spread it on everything. The tomato and sauerkraut provided a fresh layer of flavour and texture.

The Mote con Huesillo is a sugary cinnamon flavoured drink , with a dried peach and cooked barley floating in it. After reading reviews of this funky concoction, I was expecting a smooth, sweet beverage. What I got instead was a sugar overload, I wasn’t able to finish my drink due to over the top sweetness. 

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