Paramount Coffee Project – Surry Hills

Paramount Coffee Project is located in the foyer of the Paramount Pictures Building, which makes sense considering their coffees are epic and their food is picture perfect.

My 1st visit to PCP was very memorable due to the massive Crab Po Boy and the unique coffee. So I recommended the Crab Po Boy to my friend, JL, without hesitation. I was drawn to the Black Pudding due to my trip last year to London, where I had the chance to try the hearty dish. When our dishes arrives, I was taken back by how small the Crab Po Boy looked, when I had it a year ago it was quite a generous serving. My Black Pudding was beautifully plated, the sunny side duck egg was encircled by the black pudding, sprigs of watercress, slices of radish and a bacon/tomato relish. Although the portion was on the smaller side, I found myself very satisfied. It would have been good if a slice of toast was included.
When I saw the Coffee Slushy on the menu, I knew I had to try it. I mean slushy + coffee is surely a good combination. The drink was cool and refreshing, the perfect way to have my daily caffeine intake on a sunny day. JL decided on the pomegranate soda, which was a light fizzy drink with the pomegranate flavour permeating throughout. 
Will I Return? 
Yes. I would love to try their extensive coffee range and other dishes. However, I’ll pass on the Crab Po Boy.
QOTD: Do you care about serving size? Let me know in the comments below!

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