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I’ve always wanted to dine at Porteno, especially to taste their renowned wood-fired pig. So when K and M wanted to have dinner there, I was definitely in. I’d like to apologise for the poor photo quality, my iPhone didn’t play well with the dimly lit restaurant. 

The menu is a smorgasbord of meat; chicken, beef, pork, lamb, sausages and even sweetbreads! There’s also a nice selection of side dishes including polenta, cassava and vegetables. After studying the menu for a few minutes, the three of us decide on the Wood-fired pig, polenta and beef short ribs.

Beef short ribs, Wood-fired pig & Polenta
After all three of us take our obligatory photos of our delicious dishes, we dig in.
White Polenta with Gorgonzola & Walnuts $16

The polenta is very smooth and soft, the gorgonzola adds a sharp salt taste, while the walnuts provide a nice crunchy texture.

Beef Short Ribs $40

The short ribs are cut at 2cm across the rib, which according to the menu is a typical Argentinean cut. The meat is slightly tough for my liking but is well flavoured.

8 Hour Wood-fired Pig $46

Next comes the star of the show, the famous 8 hour wood-fired pig. This little pig has been marinating in his juices for 8 hours just for me to enjoy. The crackling is crispy, the meat is juicy and tender.

Will I return?
Yes, for that 8 hour pig. I mean this pig sacrificed himself by sleeping in a wood fired oven, just so I can eat him.

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